Hot July

So much is blooming in the garden. I tend to pick in the evenings around 6pm when is starts to cool down. Everything is popped into buckets of cold water and kept overnight in a cold dark outhouse. Early in the morning I make up the orders and deliver between 8-10am within the local area to fruit and vegetable shops, and local customers simply wanting a bucket of flowers to display as they wish within their homes.

Sunflower – Velvet Queen

Every bunch of blooms comes with a care label…..

Malva – Pink Wild mallow

This bouquet is made using 100% home grown flowers from Spaldington, East Yorkshire.

Remove all packaging and place your bouquet in a vase with clean water, ensuring all stems have plenty to drink. Keep the flowers out of direct sunlight, away from artificial heat sources, away from fruit and then top up with fresh water every 2-3 days.

Some blooms may tire earlier than others, so for best results, snip out the spent blooms with a sharp pair of scissors to prolong the life of your bouquet.

Amaranthus – Love Lies Bleeding – Green
Sweet pea – Princess Elizabeth

If you are interested in taking flowers from Meadow Farm Flowers, please contact me. Delivery is free within 10 miles of Howden.

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